May CT - May 18th

To have your rides photographed, please fill out this form to be automatically registered. Alternatively, please feel free to text your name and ride times to (513) 265-7193. PLEASE CHECK AVAILABILITY BELOW. ADJACENT TIMES IN DIFFERENT ARENAS MAY NOT WORK. DAY-OF SIGNUPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED AS AVAILABILITY CANNOT BE UPDATED DURING THE SHOW.



1 Ride Time: $10 (does not include images)

All Ride Times 1 Day: $20 (includes 1 edited HD image)


Edited High Definition Photo Downloads: $10 each

20 Photo Bundle: $100

If you sign up for photography, you will be invoiced for your ride times when the photos are available. Photos can be purchased directly from the gallery. After purchasing photos, please give us 1-2 days to perfect your images. They will look much sharper than they appear in the photo gallery.


8:09AM Ring 2

8:44AM Ring 2

8:54AM Ring 3

10:10AM Ring 3

11:38AM Ring 2

12:42PM Ring 2